Calculator | Paradise

“Donnie Darko: She said that every living creature on Earth dies alone.
Dr. Thurman: How did that make you feel?
Donnie Darko: It reminded me of my dog, Callie. She died when I was eight. She crawled underneath the porch.
Dr. Thurman: To die?
Donnie Darko: To be alone…
Dr. Thurman: Do you feel alone right now?
Donnie Darko: I mean I’d like to believe I’m not, but I just… I’ve just never seen any proof so I… just don’t debate it any more it’s like I could spend my whole life debating it over and over again, weighing the pros and cons, and in the end I still wouldn’t have any proof. So I just, I just don’t debate it any more. It’s absurd.
Dr. Thurman: The search for God is absurd?
Donnie Darko: It is if everyone dies alone.”